Research Team

Online meetings in times of the pandemic (spring 2020). Here we share some positive emotions while discussing exciting results in the domain of couple conflict:

The core of the Workpackage Emotion (project Medit-Ageing/Silver Santé Study) at Harnack House in Berlin, November 2019 (left to right: Patrik Vuilleumier, Yacila Deza Araujo, Sebastian Baez Lugo, Olga Klimecki):


Dinner party in autumn 2019 (left to right: Halima Rafi, Ynès Bouamoud, Sebastian Baez Lugo, Christel Maradan, Patricia Cernadas Curotto, Yacila Deza Araujo, Olga Klimecki):

The Medit-Ageing and Emotion team with Gael Chételat (red hair, middle) in 2018:


Party with the Emotions and Conflict Team in 2018: