Videos & Media

Talking about Empathy and Compassion in Society in London in 2012:

Our intervention at the UN (with Kenneth Cloke and Jeremy Lack) from April 2020 is available online:

On German television/ im deutschen Fernsehen:

The recording of our public Medit-Ageing meeting is now available!! Including guest speaker James Kirby at 3.15 hours on compassion meditation in science and psychotherapy:

Online Public Meeting Recording:

talking at the Association for Conflict Resolution, Chicago:

For French speakers and mediators 🙂

arte snapchat on empathy in which I talk about the scientific side of things:

A short overview of the Medit-Ageing/ Silver Santé study:

Touched by inspiring, shining, and wise young Londoners in 2012:

Round Table discussion in London 2012:

Discussing why conflict matters in Brussels:

Explaining the malleability of the empathic brain to school children in London in 2012:

Having the difficult task of lifting everyone’s mood after Axel Petermann described horrible crimes that shook me to the bone.

For French speakers: Emotional Contagion, a conference with Prof. Corrado Corradi Dell’Acqua and myself in 2017 in Geneva.

Television: I have been interviewed on the topic of revenge for Radio Télévision Suisse

(starting around minute 19)


I interviewed Ken Cloke, one of the world’s most influential mediators, for my new book on conflict resolution. In this interview, Ken shares his personal journey and timeless wisdom of how to transform conflicts on different scales, ranging from interpersonal to intergroup conflict:

I am excited to start my journey on Insight Timer. Maria Sundell (Brain Observations) and I decided to share the podcast on compassion and empathy publicly on Insight Timer:

Deutsches Interview zum empathischen Umgang mit Demenz


I had the great pleasure to discuss the relation between empathy, compassion, meditation and our brain plasticity with Maria Sundell:

A Germanpodcast on Mitgefühl (compassion) with Lienhard Valentin, Arbor:

Achtsamkeit und Altern:

AUDIO of talks

Jahrestagung der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Theologie der Spiritualität, Würzburg, Germany in 2021 (talk in German):




Konflikte nachhaltig lösen

Affective Science Newsletter 4 (3), 2015 on Role of Emotions in Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution:

Malleable Emotions


Francois Bogacz’s research on the impact of mediation on couple conflict covered in the media:

on the role of future thinking in conflict resolution:

on ageing (in German):