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I interviewed Ken #Cloke, one of the world’s most influential #mediators, for my new book on conflict resolution. In this #interview, Ken shares his personal journey and timeless wisdom of how to transform conflicts on different scales, ranging from interpersonal to intergroup conflict:

If you are interested in more, you will also find Ken Cloke’s lecture at the UN below.

I am excited to start my journey on Insight Timer. Maria Sundell (Brain Observations) and I decided to share the podcast on compassion and empathy publicly on Insight Timer:

The recording of our public Medit-Ageing meeting is now available!! Including guest speaker James Kirby at 3.15 hours on compassion meditation in science and psychotherapy:

Online Public Meeting Recording:

talking at the Association for Conflict Resolution, Chicago:

arte snapchat on empathy in which I talk about the scientific side of things:

Our intervention at the UN (with Kenneth Cloke and Jeremy Lack) from April 2020 is available online:

A short overview of the Medit-Ageing/ Silver Santé study:

For French speakers – the brain week in Marseille in 2019:

Touched by inspiring, shining, and wise young Londoners in 2012:

Talking about Empathy and Compassion in Society in London in 2012:

Discussing why conflict matters in Brussels:

Explaining the malleability of the empathic brain to school children in London in 2012:

Having the difficult task of lifting everyone’s mood after Axel Petermann described horrible crimes that shook me to the bone.

A chat with Edwin Rutsch on building empathy and compassion


I had the great pleasure to discuss the relation between empathy, compassion, meditation and our brain plasticity with Maria Sundell:

AUDIO of talks

Jahrestagung der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Theologie der Spiritualität, Würzburg, Germany in 2021 (talk in German):




Affective Science Newsletter 4 (3), 2015 on Role of Emotions in Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution:

Malleable Emotions


Francois Bogacz’s research on the impact of mediation on couple conflict covered in the media: