PODCAST: I had the great pleasure to discuss the relation between empathy, compassion, meditation and our brain plasticity with Maria Sundell:


A wonderful mini consortium meeting end of April 2021 to discuss exciting new results from the Medit-Ageing/ Silver Santé Study. Thank you to our PhD students Tim Whitfield and Francesca Felisatti for organizing such a nice and fun day and for an . It was such a pleasure seeing you all again 🙂

Our preregistered superiority RCT in Medit-Ageing/ Silver Santé Study tested the impact of Meditation and Health Education on anxiety in adults at risk for dementia in four countries: https://karger.com/Article/FullText/515669

BTW: This study was a crazy amount of work and I would like to thank everyone involved.

The media pack around the study can be found here:


Interested in why it is better not to quarrel with your partner after a sleepless night? Check out the latest findings in Patricia’s study:


I look forward to the summer school on mindfulness in Würzburg:


Our new paper from Medit-Ageing shows that older adults with lower serotonin levels show more brain activity in areas associated with emotional reactivity when they face other people’s suffering. Congratulations, Yacila!


We provide a short and validated English and German scale to measure compassion for strangers. Well done, Marco Schlosser and Natalie Pfaff!


a typical week during the lockdown

Sebastian Baez‘ analysis on the neural functions related to empathy and emotional inertia in elderly is now available online:


Congratulations, Seb 🙂

Congratulations, Francois, for this important paper!

It was wonderful seeing the Medit-Ageing/ Silver Santé Consortium partners again at our annual meeting in October 2020, albeit online. There is so much inspiring research going on and we also enjoyed meditating and joking together. I look forward to the next meeting, hopefully in real life!

Our DFG network „Understanding Others“ held another internal meeting in September 2020:




Mediation helps to maintain good romantic relationships in spite of conflict:


I got accepted in a mindfulness teacher training! I am very excited to start this journey and am deeply grateful to my teachers and fellow-practitioners.

The book on psychosomatic medicine to which I contributed a chapter with Stefan Schweinberger is now out:


Getting ready for the UN event with Ken Cloke:

Screenshot 2020-04-29 18.15.49

Our UN talk on „Mediating in a Multilateral World“ (with Jeremy Lack and Kenneth Cloke) is now available online:


Marco Schlosser, Emna El May, Cora Aguirre and Christel Maradan have joined the Medit-Ageing „Emotion“ Workpackage – WELCOME!!

My citation of the moment in a very honest reply to reviewers: „We realize that while we were editing our manuscript, we have partly lost our stream of thoughts…“

Thank you for all the laughter and happiness it brought to my life!

We had the honour of following Ken Cloke’s webinar on mediating dangerously in large groups – Thank you Ken for your insights and your luminour presence!

In times of Corona, our „Understanding Others“ network meets virtually:


Our paper is out!

New study identifies brain changes which explain why sleep apnea increases risk for developing Alzheimer’s:


Winter 2020:

Christel Maradan defended her master thesis on the neural substrates of empathy in elderly vs young participants with flying colors – congratulations!

In December 2019 we presented our work on „Training humanitarian values improves willingness to help out-group members through an increase in feelings of distress and compassion.“ at the 33rd Red Cross and Red Crescent International Conference, Geneva, Switzerland. (with Emna El May and Cora Aguirre).

Here is our presentation:

Présentation CICR_FINALEA4

Here is a picture of Emna in front of our stand.


On November 6th, I was co-organizing a public conference on Brain Health across the Life-Span in Berlin:



Our Medit-Ageing meeting in Berlin in November 2019:


Sending metta with Antoine Lutz, Philipp Kanske and Martine Batchelor:

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Autumn 2019: Caroline Miron-Lapointe, Gladys Balthasar and Benjamin Boaz Feldman defended their master theses with flying colors – congratulations!

Our symposium on Compassion at the International Society for Research on Emotions in Amsterdam. Speakers are Patricia Cernadas Curotto, Sofie Valk, Julien Deonna and Marie Bayot in July:


Welcome, Yacila!

In June 2019, Yacila Deza-Araujo joined the Medit-Ageing team in Geneva! Welcome Yacila!!


Our talk „The SCD-Well randomized controlled trial: Effects of a mindfulness-based intervention versus health education on mental health and cognition in patients with subjective cognitive decline (SCD)“ was accepted at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in July 2019 in Los Angeles, USA!

In March 2019 our fourth workshop on „Understanding Others“ was hosted in Munich:



Sebastian Baez and Halima Rafi won the 1st and 3rd poster prize, respectively, at the „Understanding Others“ workshop in Munich – congratulations!!


Matthieu Vétois presented our work on the impact of empathy and perspective taking on conflicts over immigration at the „Understanding Others“ workshop in Munich, March, 2019:


The Brain Week in Geneva on „Living Together“:


Talking about the Ageing Brain at the Brain Week in Marseille:

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In January 2019, Matthieu Vétois defended his master thesis with flying colors – congratulations!

On December 10th 2018, there was a colloquium on philantrophy in Geneva:

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Jeremy Lack, Patricia Cernadas Curotto and Olga Klimecki gave a talk on „The Impact of Neurosciences on the Future of Alternative Dispute Resolution and Process Design“ at The 1st International Conference on Innovations in Conflict Resolution and Mediation, Tel Aviv, Israel (November 2018):


2018: The affect coding group meeting


2018: We started to collaborate with the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs on studying how teaching humanitarian values impacts inter-group attitudes and behaviour in conflict zones.

Cora Aguirre and Emna El May have joined to work on this project. Welcome!

In September 2018, we hosted our third workshop in Dresden:


Summer 2018: Halima Rafi defended her master thesis with flying colours and will join as a research assistant in mid-August!

Tiffany Martin and Hélène Maurer joined the team as research assistants for the study on sleep deprivation in couples. Welcome!

April 2018:

I was a guest speaker at the meeting with Richie Davidson in April in Bern:


discussing with Richard Davidson, Jean-Gérard Bloch and Thorsten Barnhofer:

Dr. Richard Davidson Mindfullness

It was a lot of fun to  give a talk in Liège in February (2018) and to see Fabienne Collette:



The second workshop on understanding others (2018) was wonderful:




Patricia Cernadas Curotto won the 1st poster prize – congratulations!

January 2018: We hosted a pavilion at the Basel Peace Forum:


and did a meditation session with Bianca King


Our stand at the United Nations in October 2017 (with Matthieu Vétois and Patricia Cernadas Curotto):