After 8 years of hard work, our Age-Well trial of Medit-Ageing/ SilverSanté Study is slowly coming to the end of the 5 year follow-up measurements. We had a consortium meeting in Mallorca, worked hard and also hugely enjoyed being in each others’ presence again. Thank you for this wonderful meeting!

I look forward to contribute as a speaker to the #leadership training at the upcoming #Planck Academy at Harnack House, #Berlin on July 7th and 8th. If you are around, let’s meet in person!

Planck Academy days for leadership, resilience, and people management.

Why resilience and solidarity are key during the fourth wave of Covid-19:

PODCAST: I interviewed Ken #Cloke, one of the world’s most influential #mediators, for my new book on conflict resolution. In this #interview, Ken shares his personal journey and timeless wisdom of how to transform conflicts on different scales, ranging from interpersonal to intergroup conflict:

PODCAST: I had the great pleasure to discuss the relation between empathy, compassion, meditation and our brain plasticity with Maria Sundell

Our UN talk on “Mediating in a Multilateral World” (with Jeremy Lack and Kenneth Cloke) is now available online:

In December 2019 we presented our work on “Training humanitarian values improves willingness to help out-group members through an increase in feelings of distress and compassion.” at the 33rd Red Cross and Red Crescent International Conference, Geneva, Switzerland. (with Emna El May and Cora Aguirre).

Here is our presentation:

Présentation CICR_FINALEA4

Speaking at the German MBSR-MBCT conference in 2020:

On November 6th, I was co-organizing a public conference on Brain Health across the Life-Span at Harnack House in Berlin with Prof. Ulman Linbenberger:

Our Medit-Ageing meeting in Berlin in November 2019:


Sending metta with Antoine Lutz, Philipp Kanske and Martine Batchelor:

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In March 2019 our fourth workshop on “Understanding Others” was hosted in Munich:


Talking about the Ageing Brain at the Brain Week in Marseille:

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On December 10th 2018, colloquium on philantrophy in Geneva:

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Jeremy Lack, Patricia Cernadas Curotto and Olga Klimecki gave a talk at The 1st International Conference on Innovations in Conflict Resolution and Mediation, Tel Aviv, Israel (November 2018):


2018: The affect coding group meeting


In September 2018, we hosted our third workshop in Dresden:

April 2018, with Richard Davidson, Jean-Gérard Bloch and Thorsten Barnhofer in Landgut Ried, Bern.

Dr. Richard Davidson Mindfullness

The second workshop on understanding others (2018) was wonderful:


January 2018: hosting a meditation session at the Basel Peace Forum!


Voices from participants:

“Once again, a big thank you! Both the keynote lecture and the practical exercises in the afternoon workshop were an outstanding success. A highlight this year that we can hardly outperform.”

Stefan Gross, Novartis, Global Senior OD Leader – Mind&Body P&O Agile Team – Energized for Life Mindfulness Lead


“Truly world class.  I would love to see this forum continue even if only virtually – it worked very  well and I fell it would be a very valuable resource for mediators and arbitrators in every country.”

Margaret Considine, CEO Equita Group, Board Member Chambers Ireland, Past President of the Mediator’s Institute of Ireland, Chair TUHF, Past President South Dublin Chamber of Commerce


“The collaboration was a win-win for the content. Thanks to their high level of experience and in-depth knowledge, exciting connections between science, operationality, and humanitarian education can now be proven as well as its added value in emotional skills. More knowledge is needed on how to strengthen resilience, social cohesion and peace building in order to cope with the existing global challenges. This requires close cooperation between science and humanitarian actors.”

Susanna Graf, Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs


“It was really a pleasure to work with you, and your knowledge is so valuable to share.”

Natalie Alexander, United Nations