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“Mindfulness is the energy of being aware and awake in the present. It is the continuous practice of touching life deeply in every moment.” – Thích Nhất Hạnh

One of the main reasons for teaching mindfulness for me is that I look forward to the shining eyes of participant when they experience the transformational power of mindfulness practices for the first time, or when they experience that power again.

A friend of mine who has started meditating again after a longer break said: “Meditation is like a hug from a dear old friend”. In this spirit, I look forward to many such moments of befriending oneself again. Moments of feeling held and supported, moments of feeling kindness and deep connection.

Voices from participants of past meditation courses and retreats

“Thank you so much for such a beautiful course. The teachings and meditation practices you offered were transformative and inspiring. I look forward to learning from you again in the future.”

“Thank you for being gentle and welcoming to everyone.”

“Your talks were beautiful, grounding, thought provoking and set the foundation for the meditation practices we did. The way you guide meditations is very powerful and grounding and it honors everyone’s unique experiences during the practice. You also created a safe space for everyone to share and feel supported, which created a beautiful sense of community and connection.”

“I liked the combination of teaching and practice. You have a calm and relaxed manner that is infectious and immediately slows life down!”

“Delivering relevant evidence-based insights in a powerful way. Everything was clear, relevant, engaging. Your personal experiences and stories were great and inspiring. Your meditation guidance was excellent and your voice so soothing.”

“Your course helped me get through a difficult and stressful time. Your mindfulness course was something I held on to to keep me grounded and going.”

“You are helping so many of us. Thank you.”

“Thank to you for your deep and touching kindness and acceptance. I really enjoyed the session.”

“It was a great enriching mini-retreat.”

“The way she leads the meditations is very grounding, honoring each individual’s unique experience during the practice. It is combined with relevant evidence-based insights in a powerful way. Everything was clear, relevant, and engaging. I just had the opportunity to attend one of her 1-day workshops this spring and found it to be very empowering. It also expanded my sound meditation practices in a most beneficial way.” Miriam Burger, Medical Doctor & Sound Meditation Practitioner

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What is mindfulness meditation?

A meditation for cultivating benevolence and kindness

I also started my journey on insight timer, where I will be sharing interviews, talks and meditations:

Olga started meditating at the same time as conducting scientific research on meditation in 2007/2008. Since then, Olga has a stable meditation practice, including regular silent retreats of up to 6 weeks. The meditation teachers who most influenced her are Joseph Goldstein, Sharon Salzberg, Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield, Guy Armstrong, Carol Wilson, Catherine Felder, and Rio Ellett. Olga is immensely grateful to be part of flourishing and supportive communities of fellow practitioners and meditation teachers.

Olga’s scientific research has revealed that meditation training has a positive impact on emotional well-being, brain plasticity, healthy ageing, the promotion of prosocial behaviour and conflict resolution. These scientific findings go hand in hand with Olga’s own experience of the beneficial effects (and limits) of meditation practice.

To share meditation practices as a teacher, Olga took the 2 year mindfulness meditation teacher certification program with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach at the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California at Berkeley, USA. She has been teaching meditation since 2021, including 4 week to 3-month courses, day-long retreats, and weekly drop-ins. Olga has been teaching meditation courses within institutions, companies, and to the general public in Germany, France, Turkey, Belgium, and Switzerland.