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I recently met a friend of mine in Zurich. He is a manager in a large and successful company. In principle, he likes his job. But he considers quitting it, because he is upset about the poor quality of training for the managers and the implementation of leadership strategies that lack any scientific evidence.

Why is this still happening in the 21st century?

We live in a time that has evidence-based solutions for promoting successful leadership, conflict resolution, and well-being.

If you
– want your company to be a leader in its field
– to attract the best leaders into your team
– to lead by inspiration
it is time to train your management and teams with evidence-based content.

In the past 9 years, I have trained managers, leaders, heads of states, diplomats, humanitarian workers, mediators, and people working in health care in how to implement evidence-based strategies to promote their own well-being at work and to promote social cohesion and productivity in their teams.

As a psychologist and neuroscientist, I have been leading research on neural, social and affective plasticity since over 15 years.

My scientific findings have been awarded with several prizes. The results of my research has been incorporated in trainings of leaders worldwide, including companies and organizations like google, the United Nations, the Geneva Centre for Security Policy, Novartis, and the Red Cross Society.

Why wait? You can book the following trainings for your management and leadership now:

– preventing burnout and strengthening compassion and resilience,
– promoting teamwork and social cohesion,
– resolving conflicts
– promoting emotional intelligence,
– promoting health and wellbeing across the lifespan.

In my workshops I give short scientific impulses and guide practical exercises. Using concrete case studies from participants we develop an implementation of evidence-based interventions to:
– strengthen resilience and resources
– work in a trauma-informed way
– training emotional intelligence
– resolving conflicts
– empowering leaders
– promote constructive social relations in teams and groups.

For more information, contact:

Germany: Jena, Leipzig, Berlin, Dresden, Frankfurt, Munich

Switzerland: Zurich, Geneva, Bern, Basel

As today’s society is facing a multitude of challenges, working in a trauma-sensitive way, preventing burnout, and building resilience for oneself and others is crucial. A few days ago, I gave a course on trauma-sensitive work and building resilience. The interest it sparked was huge and there was a lot of excitement to implement these novel tools. I already have bookings for next year for this course. To meet the immense interest in the topic, I decided offer an online training over several weeks this autumn/ fall that is open to all.

If you are an executive, a leader, a trainer, a teacher, a coach, and a person interested in how to best help resource yourself and others, this workshop is for you.

Places in the workshop are limited and will be attributed on a first-come first-served basis.

Individual Consulting

„Joy is the evidence of inner growth“ – Maria Montessori

In these challenging times, individual consulting can be highly beneficial to

  • prevent burnout
  • build resilience
  • increase personal resources.

I have seen the potential for growth in times of difficulties over and over again. I have seen it in my own research and in the research of colleagues. I have witnessed it in my own life when I was going through challenging times. And I have seen the power and joy in the transformational journey in the individuals I have consulted so far.

If you would like to explore the power of transformation and growth to promote joy and happiness in your life, let’s schedule an appointment!

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„Once again, a big thank you! Both the keynote lecture and the practical exercises in the afternoon workshop were an outstanding success. A highlight this year that we can hardly outperform.“

Stefan Gross, Novartis, Global Senior OD Leader – Mind&Body P&O Agile Team – Energized for Life Mindfulness Lead

“Truly world class.  I would love to see this forum continue even if only virtually – it worked very  well and I fell it would be a very valuable resource for mediators and arbitrators in every country.”

Margaret Considine, CEO Equita Group, Board Member Chambers Ireland, Past President of the Mediator’s Institute of Ireland, Chair TUHF, Past President South Dublin Chamber of Commerce

„The collaboration was a win-win for the content. Thanks to their high level of experience and in-depth knowledge, exciting connections between science, operationality, and humanitarian education can now be proven as well as its added value in emotional skills. More knowledge is needed on how to strengthen resilience, social cohesion and peace building in order to cope with the existing global challenges. This requires close cooperation between science and humanitarian actors.“

Susanna Graf, Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs

“It was really a pleasure to work with you, and your knowledge is so valuable to share.”

Natalie Alexander, United Nations

A recent and publicly available example is  „Mediating in a Multilateral World: Learning to collaborate through conflict resolution“ for the United Nations in Geneva together with Dr. Kenneth Cloke and Jeremy Lack:

Examples of organizations Olga worked with


In addition, Olga is also teaching Happiness in Organizations in Geneva, in a program developed by Dr. Ha Vinh Tho and the Eurasia Learning Institute 🙂